Sunday, 25 January 2009

Leaves (Line Drawing)

This is a drawing that I did last term as part of my 2nd year Jewellery and Silversmithing course. We were asked to design a brooch based on a particular location that was of some interest to us. I chose to concentrate on the walk back to my flat in which I have to cross the Suspension bridge over the Clyde. Last year, I felt that there wasn't enough emphasis on drawing skills and the importance of simple sketches and source material within the design process. However, this year, we have been encouraged to produce more drawings which I have found really useful when developing my ideas.
This particular drawing is of fallen leaves which were layered in a puddle. By concentrating on the lines and by simplifying the shapes, I found that interesting patterns could be created, which did in the end, help contribute to my final design. At the time, I considered adding in shading and colour but am now glad that the lines were kept clean as simple, allowing emphasis on the shapes created. I feel that it is usually these simple shapes and style of drawing which inspires me most and is of huge importance in my sketchbooks and development in Jewellery design, which is why I see this as one of my most successful recent drawings.

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