Wednesday, 21 January 2009

First blog charcoal man

The Drawing I have chosen for todays blog, i feel is the most successful of my drawing to date, it may have areas that are not in proportion and I know that my drawing skills are not as good as other students work, but i still feel this drawing is a success to me. This drawing was done about 2 years ago at a night class at college for life drawing. At school drawing was shown to me in an almost non expressive way, and that your work had to be copied like a photograph to be successful, but in this college class i found art to be for real expression and that mistakes are fine. Which is what i felt so scared and controlled by. So this drawing is really me setting myself free using bold charcoal lines and trying my best to capture what is in front of me. I have done many more drawing since this time but its always for my design work so i feel its a different style of drawing than this one. I also have many feelings and memories around this drawing, that i feel it is successful .

this is a photograph of original drawing which is A1 in size

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