Tuesday, 10 March 2009

An interesting illustration

This illustration from the list of Scholarship Competition of Academic illustration student. Sorry about I don't know the artist's name of this illustraion.
When i looking for the illustration on web, this is the most interesting one which i like. As we aware about this work, flexible line with bold brown ink. The whole illustraion seems bold, however when you focus on the head part in particular it has numbers of fancy details and attractive points. The hair of the girl is looks like drawing quite simple-just several brown parts however it is accurate shows the movement of the hair in wind.
Artist use his/her drawing forms and skills to show the spirit of people. That is the most significant point which i need to learn and practise. The way and effect are quite flexible and harmony.
Another interesting point is the drak color contrast with blank shows a space between legs, stocking and the decorations of her cloth is fashionable. A long cigaret between her fingers indirect shows the spirit the the girl. I quite like this way that i can use a lot in my own work.

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