Wednesday, 11 March 2009

1964                                                  1985        

I was not sure what to choose for this blog entry, and started to think about illustrations that I like and enjoy and my mind went to Elmer the Patchwork Elephant, a children´s book that I have read a lot for one of my nephew, has lots of lovely colors and simple forms. The book is after the illustrator and author David McKee Owns, I googled him and then found images from one of his books Two Can Toucan, which is about a South American bird who can carry two cans of paint atop its enormous bill. I absoluetly love this image and need to find my self a copy of this edition of that book.
Its simple and clean lines, but still it´s not so simple the drawing of the flowers have many details. With the use of only red and black it seems more simple that it in fact is, and with the use of solid black in the bird gives him our full attention. This image is from the edition that was published in 1964 but the book was reillustrated in 1985 with more modern effects, I prefer the old version, don´t know about you guys,
 thank you. (above is the old and new versions)


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