Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Camille Pissarro

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Camille Pissarro(1830-1903), the one of the most famous artist of impressionnism. In this oil painting, the whole scenery was organized by the bare branches of winter trees, classical country houses , fields and a farmer who is intent doing his work. The relationship between the house and the old farmer are close and balanced. Varied of gray were used in this painting. The mark on this painting is quiver which shaked slightly when Pissarro drawing on is. As we can see from this paiting, the feature object is not distinct. However the impression of the visal of the compositons are authentic.
The goal of this painting, Pissarro wants to show the divine country life and scenery. This old village is not far from Pissarro's house when his family moved back to Pairs. I chose this paiting because the most interesting point that i thought is albeit there is an obvious constract of the colour between houses and trees, the whole painting is still seems peaceful and harmonious.

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delineator said...

Hi, Danyi! I wanted to ask you what you were interested in this painting from the drawing point of view -in comparison to the Breughel painting that Gillian posted this image is like a tiny little corner of that world. It is very homely and yet, even though we seem much closer to it, it is MUCH less focussed. Lots of it is unclear, as you say this is just like normal vision, and nothing dramatic is happening -even the person we can see is anonymous -we can't see his face as he trdges along. So in comparison to the Breughel image, the indistinct wavering style of drawing is a kind of manifesto about what art should be about; Pissaro like the other Impressionusts wanted to depict corners of everyday life without editing, with the same quality as real vision, short of knowledge and detail. But there is a tender feeling of lived experience here as you say, and of course in the painting that is strengthened by the colour and the wet-in wet brush technique